A land of great forests on the northeastern border. While technically belonging to the Empire, Imperial presence is at a minimum here, as the vast forest is relatively unpopulated. Small Imperial villages devoted to the lumber trade are all that exist, as encroachment by monsters and agreements with the native elves limit their size and number.

Sites of Note

Dothlaeth: “The Grove City”, as its name translates, is built entire in and on living trees. The high elves of this city are proud of their odd architecture, and insist that their homes have individual personalities different from their own and from each other. The city’s climate is magically controlled, so unlike the surrounding areas it doesn’t have to deal with the harsh northern winters. The high elves of the city prefer to devote themselves fully to higher callings: the intricacies of music, magic, art, literature, politics, and fine swordplay and archery. The mages of the city are in constant contact with the smaller elven enclaves around them, ready to lend a hand at a moments notice should a powerful enemy appear.

The Demon Wastes: To the north of Sylvania, lie lands that still bear scars of the Demon Incursion. Twisted wildlife and vegetation are only the tip of the nastiness one finds here. Drow often make homes here, venturing south to find elven sacrifices to prolong their lives. Evil outsiders also prowl: some are the remnants of the Demon Incursion, not yet wiped out, while others are summoned by the drow to act as watchdogs or to harry elven communities.

Willowwand Keep: Close to the Northern Baronies, Willowwand Keep is the largest human settlement in Sylvania. Willowwand Keep is the centre of the northern timber trade, as well as being host to an enclave of elves that act as liaisons between the Empire and Dothlaeth.


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