Southwest of the Darkrazor Mountains and northeast of the Ironthorn Jungles, Sunrest is an enclave of human civilization between two harsh climates. Sunrest is a translation of the Dwarven name for the region: being farther west of the Darkrazor Mountains than the Empire had ventured to that point. It is a land of fertile fields, placid lakes, and rich mines in the foothills of the Darkrazors. However, the pleasant landscape hides a darker side of Sunrest. The entire region was once a thriving kingdom, that wiped itself out in a magical calamity. None know what happened, or even the race of the original inhabitants: the Dwarves, who are the closest neighbours to the land and have long memories, have shunned Sunrest since time immemorial and still are unwilling to venture into it, although they are willing to accept the raw resources it produces in trade. Non-dwarven Imperial settlers, however, have found Sunrest to be quite accommodating. Searchers after the ruins of the original civilization are also common here. A few make fortunes off their discoveries in mystical artifacts; most are never seen or heard from again.

Sites of Note

Sunholm: The administrative capital and largest city of Sunrest, Sunholm is ruled over by Zachariah Lanalar, a cousin of the current dynastic line. Zachariah’s branch of the family have long maintained high positions in the Empire through competent (if not spectacular) management of Imperial territories, and absolute loyalty to the Emperor. Zachariah is very much in this mold, if not a bit less competent than most.

Besides housing a member (however distant) of the dynasty, Sunholm’s other claim to fame is being built on top of some of the only extant ruins of the people who used to inhabit the land that is now Sunrest. Unfortunately, these ruins raise more questions than they answer. There is no writing and no representational artwork remaining, leaving only the ruins of a city, abstract statuary, and a number of magic items of some power. Imperial scholars constantly puzzle over these, trying to determine more about the mysterious former inhabitants of this land. With such a challenge on hand, intelligentsia of all sorts flock to the city, giving it a reputation as a centre of culture.


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