Darkrazor Mountains

Carving off the southwestern portion of the Empire, the Darkrazor Mountain Range is the home to the majority of the dwarf population of the Empire, along with their valued mines and smithies. Besides their valuable work in industry, the dwarves also maintain the passes through the mountains, fighting off monsters and repairing damage from landslides and avalanches to the Imperial paths and passes through the mountains.

Sites of Note

Anvil’s Ring: The greatest dwarven city within the empire, Anvil’s Ring is the home to vast complexes of forges and mines. The city’s other claim to fame is the largest temple complex in the Empire, the God Delve. Built deep within the city and consecrated to both the dwarven gods and the Imperial Cult, this massive structure could fit five of the Grand Cathedral in Runehold, although this is somewhat less impressive considering that it is not free standing like the Grand Cathedral. The God Delve marks the spot where the dwarves believe that the creation of the world began, and is under constant, but slow, expansion. Every bit of stone that is taken must be properly examined for holy properties, in case it bears evidence to the divine hammer of the creator. Several powerful magic items, up to artifact level, have been forged using material found at this site that was believed to be so touched by the dwarven creator deity.

Razortooth Pass: The largest city in the Darkrazors and a centre of trade. Razortooth Pass is an outgrowth of a fort that once blocked the largest single pass through the Darkrazor Mountains, one that provided easy access to Sunrest and was nearly equidistant from Runehold and Exile’s Rest, supplying both of those cities with southwestern luxuries. The Followers of the Tattoo have been focusing their attentions on this city, and they have ambitions for turning it into their centre once Imperial control has been squashed.

Lake Celestia: The highest body of water in the Empire. Lake Celestia rests on the top of the Thunderhammer Plateau and is the source of the River of Gold. The waters of Lake Celestia support both a fishing community on its shore and one of locathah within it, who live together in relative harmony facing off against some of the lake’s more dangerous denizens. Despite the best effort of Imperial soldiers and local warriors alike, the lake still possess a large population of merrow and kelpies, not to mention the rumours of something darker lurking in the depths of the lake.

Darkrazor Mountains

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