Blue Tar Desert

This desert, located on a peninsula jutting out into the southern Imperial Ocean, is the source of a thick, dark blue tar. This tar is widely used in the construction of magic items, especially enchanting the hulls of ships. This land has been under Imperial control for a long time, and is the source of most of the ship construction in the Empire, but the trackless desert hides many dangers and the cities hide many dangers to the unwary traveler.

Sites of Note

Indigo Springs: This port is the southern centre of Imperial shipbuilding, as well as being the primary source of blue tar. Wood is shipped in from islands in the Imperial Ocean, where it is worked according to ancient techniques that have yet to be surpassed in the art of shipbuilding.

Of particular note is the Grove, a stand of hardwood trees only an acre in size just outside of city. The land they grow on seems to have escaped the erosion that has ravaged most of the Blue Tar Desert. This is thanks to constant magical tending: besides maintaining the soil, the trees are also enchanted to grow faster than normal and to be harder and more resistant to flame. Only Imperial capital warships are constructed out of this wood, these usually being flagships for their fleet.

Blue Tar Desert

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