Empire of Lightrune

Bordello Bedlam!

The group reached Runehold, while serving as caravan bodyguards. The journey was not without incident, as they were accosted by bandit members of the Followers of the Tattoo. Fighting these off, they made the city in good time, and celebrated with a night of drinking. Andria had too much to drink (too much, in this case, being one drink of a particularly nasty substance infused with catnip), and nearly started a bar fight by knocking a tiefling’s drink onto said tiefling. Fortunately, a brawl was averted by the calming (and imposing) presence of Jie, and the group’s tact earned them an interview with local magistrate Darian Delapore, who was looking for outsiders to do a job for him.

This job involved infiltrating a house of ill-repute, the House of the Crimson Lotus, which had started trafficking in darker thrills than even the laissez-faire Magistrate Delapore was comfortable in allowing. The Magistrate suspected an outside influence behind the establishment, and wanted confirmation of such before moving in with his full powers (for fear of spooking the house madam into destroying the evidence). Knowing that his usual agents would be spotted from a mile away, Magistrate Delapore tasked them with finding appropriate outsiders to take on the task, those outsiders turning out to be our motley crew. The reward would be 1000 gold per person, with no looting to be allowed. Everyone accepted the terms offered.

Infiltrating the brothel with the assistance of the shapeshifting abilities of Takiku and Jie, the group were nearly undone by Takiku’s penury, as a bribe nearly backfired when it was too small for the worker it targeted. Fortunately, Takiku finally managed to bring the worker around, and the group managed to bluff and sneak their way past most of the guards, quietly dispatching those that could not be circumvented. They finally encountered the madam, who was sucked into the Abyss when attempting to summon an ally due to Takiku hitting her with a Shuriken messing up her spell. Unfortunately, she still managed to summon the ally, and the group had to dispatch the demon before grabbing the evidence, which fortunately fell from the madam’s hands while she was being ripped from the Material.

Evidence in hand, the group is ready to return to Magistrate Delapore, claim their reward, and determine their next course of action.

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